Our goal

It’s our mission to equip clients with the knowledge, tools, and solutions they need to access, utilize, and succeed in the ever-expanding boundaries of the internet. Together, we’re creating solutions, building assets, and providing services for the pioneers of the metaverse. We’re here to help you make the most of this exciting development.


The boom of the internet in the early 2000s left a lot of people scrambling to make sense of the cutting-edge developments. We’re currently experiencing another state-of-the-art development with the advent of the metaverse. Our team is focusing on helping clients better understand and capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

meet Our team

David Ferreira

Founder & CEO

I am a dynamic executive and entrepreneur, taking pride in managing projects, teams and companies with a handson approach, collaborative vision, and operational excellence. I specialize in business scaling, executive management and leadership, project management and development

Andre Andrade


I currently serve as NXT Reality Studios’ Chief Creative Officer where I oversee all aspects of our user experience, brand, and game design. I also hold the position of Producer and Lead Creative at Digital Eye, a post production and motion graphics house, leading the end-to-end transformation of the company’s core

Henry Lima

Project Manager

I believe that a project manager should know how every gear of a project turns, to manage
both it, and the people in it, successfully. I learned how to oversee projects by working for Digital Eye as lead editor and project manager. I have a passion for games, art, and the digital world, so I’m always looking for ways to grow more in those areas, by diving into unexplored waters, and emerging trends.

plus many more dedicated and talented individuals working behind the scenes to make your project successful