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Host Virtual

We’ll help your company organize and host successful events in the metaverse that would normally take place in the real world.

From renting out a virtual location and customizing it to match your brand to spreading the word and providing entertainment, we’ll handle it all.

Virtual Business Campus

Interested in hosting your own virtual event in the metaverse? We’ve got you covered there too! With our proprietary software, you can bring employees and stakeholders together to learn, train, and grow in the metaverse. Our team will even guide clients through the use of this software so they can deliver the best experience possible as metaverse event organizers.

NFT Art Creators

Non-fungible tokens, more commonly referred to as NFTs, have taken the world by storm over the past year. Wealthy individuals, investors, and companies are taking advantage of this new type of digital asset. We’re your go-to source for NFT information and metaverse NFT Event solutions.

Build Your Own NFT Collection

Ownership and uniqueness of NFTs are verified by blockchain technology. Needless to say, most people aren’t sure how the process works.

That’s where NXTRS can help! We specialize in the production, design, marketing, and selling of NFTs. Come to us with an idea or goal, and our talented team of experts will handle the rest.

Metaverse Games

The gaming industry has been growing in value over the past few decades as technology increases. With each new gaming console, games become more and more life-like, engaging, and compelling. The metaverse is taking things up a notch by bringing virtual reality and augmented reality elements to gaming, unlike anything people have seen before.

Metaverse gaming is the next evolution of the gaming experience. The decentralized nature of the metaverse makes it possible for anyone with the right know-how and tools to build their own metaverse game. At NXTRS, we’ve become experts in the area of metaverse gaming and we’re here to help companies take advantage of these new developments.

Build Your Own Game

Interested in building a game in the metaverse? You’re in the right place! The game development experts at NXTRS specialize in helping companies enter the metaverse to create a unique and captivating game.

Our team is comprised of world-class artists, game developers, software engineers, and other professionals needed to bring your game dreams to life. No matter what goals you have for a metaverse game, we can help you make it happen.

Metaverse Assets

The metaverse hosts digital assets just like you can find in the real world. We’re talking clothes, buildings, houses, cars, and other “everyday” items. In addition, the metaverse makes it possible for creators to make digital items for metaverse games such as outfits and weapons.

These assets can be purchased in the marketplace of providers such as Decentraland and Sandbox. However, these assets can also be created. At NXTRS, we offer metaverse 3D digital asset solutions to help clients make assets in the metaverse.